Anglo-Continental Owl English Plus Private Pilot Training

If you are planning a career as a pilot but need to improve your English language level in order to be accepted as a trainee by a flying school, this is the programme for you.

Cabair and Anglo-Continental Aviation English Division offer a combined English language and pilot training programme for non-native English speakers to become pilots. The programme includes General English and Specialised Aviation English tuition at Anglo-Continental's Aviation Division, with pilot training at Cabair's European Pilot Training Academy (EPTA).

The two-phase programme is open to all levels. In Phase I, the Aviation English lessons focus on familiarising the trainees with the vocabulary they will need on a flight training course, both in Ground School (flight theory) and Operational Flying. They will cover the basics of flight, aircraft and airport features, trainee and instructor communications, and communicationswith air traffic control.

Phase II focuses on developing further the trainees' English language in the mornings, while continuing with PPL training in the afternoons.

Optional Training
On successful completion of Phase II, it may be possible to continue to train to become a Commercial Pilot via a 12-month JAA programmed modular route. This includes:
• JAA full-time ground school
• 100 hours building option; UK, Spain, or Florida
• 25 hours Commercial Pilot’s Licence; UK, Spain or Florida
• 6 hours Multi Engine Piston Rating; UK, Spain or Florida
• 50 hours Instrument Rating; UK, Spain
• Multi Crew Co-operation Course; UK
* Prices to be supplied by Cabair EPTA against specific requirements.
NB: Acceptance on this phase is subject to successful completion of our Compass Pilot Assessment.


Course Details  

Course Type

English Plus Private Pilot Training


Phase I

Phase II

English course details English Language Course
at Anglo-Continental
English Language Course
at Anglo-Continental

Lessons per week
(45 minutes)

25 lessons of
intensive General
English, concentrating on
English structure and usage,
presentation and practice of
new language, pronunciation
and communication skills
5 lessons of
Aviation English

20 lessons
of structured General
English language tuition and
practice (mornings only -
finishing at 12.15 hours)

Guided private study - Aviation English
(sessions per week)
Class Size -
General English
Average 10 (max. 15) Average 10 (max. 15)
Class Size -
General Aviation English
Maximum 12 -
Entry level Intermediate
(equivalent IELTS 4.5)
See note A
High Intermediate Stage 1
(equivalent IELTS 5.0)
Target level High Intermediate
Stage 1 (equivalent IELTS 5.0)
ICAO Level 4 equivalent to IELTS
5.5/6.0 (listening and speaking)
See note C
Private Pilot Training at
Cabair EPTA:
- PPL Ground School -
formal lessons
via CBT and self study
- Dual flight training
(see note B)
- Dual flight training
- Solo flying
- Ground exams
- Radiotelephony test
Course Duration 8 weeks 16 weeks
Course Fees 2012 £-Sterling
English language Course
Fees payable to
3865 2995
Private Pilots Training
Fees payable to Cabair
10500* * Trainees may pay 50% of the PPL training fees before commencing their training, and the balance prior to the
start of Phase II of the programme.

arrow Accommodation Fees 2012 - £-Sterling

A. If you have not yet reached the required level of English to attend Phase I of the
programme, you can first enrol for a period of pre-preparation on an Intensive General English Course. Please contact us for further details.
B. Trainees will be required to take a class II medical examination, at additional cost,
prior to flying.
C. Confirmed by Anglo- Continental's Test of English for Aviation Personnel and
certified by an ICAO Language Proficiency Certificate.

For more information, please contact:

Aviation English Division

29-35 Wimborne Road
Dorset BH2 6NA
Mrs Véronique Bethell
Professional Training Supervisor 

Cabair European
Pilot Training Academy

The Academy
Aviation Park West
Bournemouth International Airport
Dorset BH23 6NW