English for Finance

The essential English language used in this course is listed below:

  • Company structure
  • Financial organisation
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Banking and bank services
  • Currencies and foreign exchange
  • Accountancy and financial transactions
  • Investment appraisal
  • Taxation and insurance
  • Financial documentation and correspondence

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Course number: B-2.30
(See note A)
Lessons per week (45 minutes): 30 (20 + 10)
Language levels for entry: Intermediate to Advanced
Group size - Specialised English:Average 5 (Maximum 8)
Class size - General English:Standard option: class size average 10 (Maximum 15)
See note B
Pre-Training AssessmentPlease complete the Pre-Training Assessment Form
Multimedia learning centre: Yes
Sport and leisure activities: View details
Minimum age:18 (Course S-5.30A = 21)
Course Duration (in weeks):2-4
Sample timetables: B-2.30

Important information

If your level of English is not yet high enough for enrolment for these courses you can first follow an Intensive Course (G-1.30) for a period of preparation.


Students may elect to take their 20 lessons of intensive English tuition in the Executive Centre with an average of 2 students (max. 4) per mini group, click here for details.


If you would like an indication of your English language level, we can advise you on a suitable test to take before you enrol. This will be used as a guide, and final acceptance is subject to our entry test held at the school. If you are not yet at the minimum level required, you will be transferred to a suitable alternative course.