Future Pioneers Course (June, July and August)

The Future Pioneers course is designed for mature, forward-looking teenagers (aged 16 to 17) who want to combine improving their language skills with preparing to take their place in the real world of higher education and work. Your son/daughter will follow 20 general English lesson per week and 10 task-based lesson per week.

Your son/daughter will work in groups led by a team of teachers on two week-long projects that practise key skills including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Basic business skills

Based on real business models, the topics encourage participation and interaction between members of the group and develop autonomy – with English being the only language used.

Your son/daughter will receive a balanced programme, which includes grammar, skills development and vocabulary development. the classes will be learner-centred. This means that your son/daughter will take an active part in the classes and will be expected ti speak with and listen to fellow students in pairs and small groups. Homework will also form an integral part of the course.

Course number: V-3.30
Age Group:16-17 years
Courses are held between:27 June - 20 August 2022
Course Duration: 2 weeks
General English Lessons per week (45 minutes):20
Future Pioneers Lessons per week (45 minutes):10
Language Levels for EntryPre-Intermediate to Advanced
Class SizeAverage 13 (Max. 15)
Full Day Excursion1 per week
Half Day Excursion1 per week
Sport and Leisure activities: Monday-Friday
Evening Leisure Activities:2 per week
Arrival and departure transfersAvailable at extra cost
Sample Timetables:V-3.30 Sample Timetable