OET Intensive Preparation Course


The intensive preparation course is designed to help trainees focus on the four language skills, listening, reading, writing and speaking, to help develop the level of proficiency required to successfully take the test. This 30 lesson per week course allows time to focus on improving overall language proficiency as well as the specific exam techniques required for the different tasks in the test.

Long-term Study Concession

Book 12 weeks or longer and receive a 10% discount on the course fees.

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Course number: X-6.30
OET - Intensive Preparation Course
Examinations offered byOccupational English Test (OET)
Lessons per week (45 minutes): 30
General English Lessons~
Examination Practice Lessons30
Language Levels for EntryUpper Intermediate to Advanced
Class Size - Intensive English~
Class Size - Examination PracticeAverage 10 (Maximum 15)
Minimum Age: 18
Course Duration: 1 (weeks)
Courses are held between4 January - 3 December 2021
31 January - 9 December 2022
Multimedia Learning Centre
With Free Internet Access:
Homework and Additional Study: Yes
Sport and Leisure activities: View details
Sample Timetable: X-6.30 Timetable