Student nationalities In 2024

Afghanistani, Angolan, Argentinian, Belarussian, Belgian, Brazilian, British, Canadian, Chilean, Chinese, Colombian, Czech, French, German, Hong Kong, Hungarian, Iranian, Italian, Japanese, Kenyan, Korean, Kuwaiti, Libyan, Lithuanian, Mexican, Moroccan, Nigerian, Omani, Peruvian, Polish, Portuguese, Qatari, Russian, Saudi Arabian, Senegalese, Serb, Spanish, Sri Lanka, Swiss, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, United Arab Emirates

"Studying in England was a great experience in my life. The school is very good, the teachers and the staff are very kind and if you need help, you can talk with them and they always help you. I've enjoyed all my months here and improving my English with the classes and friends that I made here. Bournemouth is an amazing town. I'm here to improve my English for my life because whatever you want to do you will need some English skills." Camilla, Brazil


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