English for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

Course Content, Dates and Fees

Anglo-Continental’s ICAO 291 courses are designed to assist those concerned with meeting the ICAO language proficiency requirements.

General English

The general English tuition adopts an integrated skills approach. The course concentrates on structure and usage, oral communication, vocabulary development and listening and reading
comprehension. This provides the trainee with an opportunity to communicate and interact with other learners in a multi-lingual environment, as well as develop their language skills in preparation for the specialised component. Options of either 20 or 25 lessons per week are available.

Specialised Aviation English

The specialised aviation English component focuses on developing the trainee’s communicative competence, with particular reference to the six ICAO language proficiency descriptors –
pronunciation, structure, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and interaction. Course participants will develop their listening skills with authentic recordings and practise using the functional
language and vocabulary required in both standard and non-standard aviation situations.

The course is aimed at ICAO Levels 4 and 5, and is focussed on the specialised area of language development with 15 lessons per week.

Duration of training

It is difficult to predict how long an individual trainee may require to reach a specified level. The rate of language acquisition differs with each individual, and depends on their entry level of English, linguistic ability and their mother tongue. We recommend a minimum course duration of 4 weeks for all trainees.

Trainees who are at ICAO level 2 should initially follow an Intensive general English course.

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