ICAO Raters

This course is intended for teachers of aviation English and aviation professionals who are required to assess and rate the English language capabilities of pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation professionals, according to the Language Proficiency Requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), as set out in ICAO Document 9835. The participants’ level of English language should be advanced. This will be assessed prior to the commencement of the course.

The course concentrates on interpreting the language criteria of the ICAO Rating Scale and applying them by listening to and assessing sound files of various non-native speaker aviation professionals.

Applicants with no English teaching experience are sent pre-course reading and study tasks in order to prepare them to follow the Raters Course successfully.


"It's always a pleasure to be trained at Anglo-Continental by your very knowledgeable trainers. I knew it would be difficult to be excellent; yet, I accept my performance as a good start. Of course since my goal is to become a better rater you are more likely to see me another time. In a nutshell I may say that like other training courses I've had, the ones at Anglo-Continental contribute to improving my teaching. Thank you to my dear instructors Rachel and Paul. " Franck, France

Course number: RAT-30
Entry Level:Advanced
Lessons per week (45 minutes):30
Directed Private Study (sessions per week)5
Class Size:Maximum 12
Minimum age: 21
Course Duration:1 week
Sample Timetable:View sample timetable

30 lessons in a closed professional group, supplemented by directed private study and project work.

The following areas will normally be covered:

Evaluating and comparing different test types (eg. for ab-initio trainees or trained professionals, direct or semi-direct, including computerised tests).

Identifying the criteria for ICAO levels in: Listening (general comprehension, interpretation and discrimination) Speaking (accuracy, intelligibility and communicative competence).

Defining and evaluating appropriate levels of competence in communication skills, and the 6 criteria of the ICAO Rating Scale.

Practical exercises in rating trainees’ performance at various levels of the ICAO Rating Scale, with emphasis on Levels 2 to 5.

Identifying areas for development in failed candidates’ performance, and guiding them towards improving their language proficiency.

Blind rating assessments for standardisation purposes and to assess the course participants’ level of competency.

Guided individual study – including pre-session preparation, self-assessment, follow-up work, research assignments and project work – is an integral part of the course. We also recommend that some time should be devoted to additional study in the Multi-Media Learning Centre. An extensive selection of computer programs, audio, video/dvd and reference material, both aviation and non-aviation, is available for private use.