Anglo-Continental Covid Policy

Here are some answers to your questions about Anglo-Continental’s approach to keeping its students, staff and visitors safe.

When will we open the school for face-to-face classes?

Anglo-Continental is open for face-to-face classes. 

The safety of students, staff and visitors to Anglo-Continental

  • Students will be taught in our larger class rooms.
  • Classes will be spread across the campus.
  • Classroom doors may be left open and rooms kept ventilated.
  • Classrooms will have sanitiser wipes and gels.
  • Break times may be staggered and, if necessary, a double timetable may be introduced.
  • Each student receives his/her own personal text books and note book to keep.
  • The common areas in the school will be sanitised daily.
  • Toilet facilities will be sanitised regularly throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitisers will be available at key entrances to the buildings.
  • Students and visitors are encouraged to wear masks.
  • Sanitiser wipes and gels will be available in the Multi-Media Learning Centre.
  • Sanitiser wipes and gels will be available in the Language Laboratory.
  • Signage will be displayed through the campus to inform students, staff and visitors.
  • Face masks will be available free of charge but you can make a donation to our charity.

Will I need to quarantine and have a PCR test on arrival in England?

You do not need to take any COVID-19 tests or quarantine on arrival in England, irrespective of your vaccination status.  There is also no need to complete a Passenger Locator form.

For the latest information, visit the government website:

How can I safely get from the airport to my homestay?

There are four options:

  1. Anglo-Continental Car Transfer
  2. Anglo-Continental Coach Transfer (May to August 2022)
  3. National Express Coach
  4. National Rail

The Anglo-Continental Car Transfer Service offers a personal ‘meet and greet’ service.  The vehicle will be sanitised and if you wish the driver will wear a mask.

The Anglo-Continental Coach Transfer operates for students arriving in the UK every Sunday between 0800 and 2000 hours between 5 June and 7 August, 2022.  For students departing the Anglo-Continental Coach Transfer operates every Sunday between 0500 and 1600 hours between 19 June and 21 August, 2022.

For public transport, you must follow their safety procedures. 

Your first day

All students will be asked to complete and sign a declaration about their health in the last 14 days.

Students will take the entry test in our 100 seat lecture room or an alternative space where seats will meet the social distancing guidelines.

Orientation will take place in our 100 seat lecture room or an alternative space where seats will meet the social distancing guidelines.

What accommodation options do I have?

All our accommodation options are available to you.

Homestay accommodation Options:

  • Standard (single room only)
  • Standard with Private Bathroom
  • Executive

Other Accommodation Options:

  • Student Hotel Accommodation
  • Hotel
  • Guest Houses
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Flats and Apartments

How will I be safe in my homestay accommodation?

Homestay families will follow UK Government guidelines.

The communal areas will be regularly sanitised.

Social Activities Programme

A revised Social Activities Programme will take place in accordance with government guidelines.

How will I get food and drink?

Anglo-Continental’s Student Centre offers drinks as well as hot meals so you do not have to leave the campus.

Our staff strictly follow hygiene guidelines.

Seating will be apart and meet the social distancing guidelines.

Tables and chairs will be sanitised at regular intervals.

If you have any concerns, please contact us for more information before your arrival into the UK:

Telephone:+44 (0)1202 55 74 14

We will regularly monitor the situation and make updates and amendments when appropriate.