Course Content, Dates and Fees

The Anglo-Continental Executive Programme provides stimulating language training for busy professionals. The tuition is highly intensive and offers the most effective means of learning or improving your English in the shortest period of time.

The Executive Centre

On this programme you study in our exclusive executive centre within our main campus. There are study rooms for mini groups and individuals, and a comfortable private lounge for relaxation during your breaks – with computers and wireless internet access for wireless-enabled devices. Your specially selected teachers will ensure close attention to your educational needs.



Learning Objectives

Having identified your needs and established your level, we plan your course and then monitor your progress and regularly review your learning priorities:

  • The relevant pre-training assessment form must be completed before the start your course:
Executive Courses E-1.20 and E-1.30 Executive Courses E-2.30 - E-3.30
  • Entry test and needs analysis
  • Individual tutorial in week one
  • Weekly feedback form

Personalised Learning

You do not need to worry if you have a low level of English or if it’s a long time since you studied in the classroom. Whether you are a beginner or a graduate in English, the teaching will be productive, enjoyable and appropriate to your needs.

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