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Why should you take a Business and Specialised programme with Anglo-Continental?

For many business and professional people the ability to speak English is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity for success. At Anglo-Continental we offer a choice of scheduled and specially arranged courses to meet this need.

They are suitable for people at all levels of an organisation from administrative staff to management, and for students preparing for professional employment. They combine 20 lessons of intensive general English tuition with 10 lessons each week developing the language of your chosen specialisation – arranged in independent modules so that you can enrol for a period of time convenient to you.

Your teachers, who have background knowledge of the subject of your choice, will use a wide variety of methods and materials including authentic texts, documents and recorded material appropriate to your work. Role-play, student presentations and guided and free discussion will give you the realistic practice you need.

Our scheduled Business and Specialised Courses, combine 20 lessons of general English language tuition each week in Intensive Course G-1.20 with 10 lessons per week in the language and background of your chosen specialisation. The specialised tuition is arranged in independent modules to permit enrolment for 2, 3 or 4 weeks – though the full 4 weeks are required to cover all the subject areas.

To find out more about our Business and Specialised courses, you can visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.


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