Meet Our Students


"Studying in England was a great experience in my life. The school is very good, the teachers and the staff are very kind and if you need help, you can talk with them and they always help you. I've enjoyed all my months here and improving my English with the classes and friends that I made here. Bournemouth is an amazing town. I'm here to improve my English for my life because whatever you want to do you will need some English skills." Camilla, Brazil


"I like Anglo-Continental. The excursions are good. Bournemouth is a nice place to live and it’s not expensive. It is clean and has a long beach. It has lots of places to go out at night." Demet, Turkey


"My experience at Anglo-Continental has been amazing because I have met a lot of people from different countries. The teachers are really kind and very friendly, the accommodation system is perfect because they find a perfect house for you. In my case, I love living with my host family, they are really nice. Anglo-Continental has a lot of parties and that is very nice, for example if you don't know anyone they introduce you. Here in Bournemouth it is very nice because we are near to the beach. It's a nice place to live for a while, I've been here 7 months and all of the people who work here are really nice, especially in the reception, accommodation and the coordinators office." Leonardo, Colombia


"I've enjoyed and been satisfied with my class. Actually, it was kind of difficult to understand for me at first, but I was trying to improve my English ability and my teachers were helping me. It's so interesting. I really like Anglo-Continental excursions. I'm looking forward to going on the next one. I want to go to watch a musical in London and go to Wales and Scotland too." Seulbi, Korea


"I graduated from University. My course was International Trade but in order to use my qualification to work in an export company I needed to learn English. The possibilities at Anglo-Continental are better than other schools I looked at and it is very big. I haven’t had any problems since I came to this school. The teachers are really good and we are learning a lot. I like Bournemouth. This place is calm and quite small so it’s very good for students. I think the most beautiful thing is Bournemouth beach. I like the sea, water sports and fishing." Fatih, Turkey


"I like football that is why this is heaven for me. I like the school. I am getting to know a lot of people from other countries. My company is expanding abroad, so English is a necessity for me." Michio, Japan


"I had never heard about the school before, but I am very impressed and I really like this school. What I most enjoyed here is being able to learn about different cultures, which is very good. Bournemouth is very good. It is a quiet place and clean. Here it is so different from my city in Brazil, there it is hot and here in the winter, it is very cold, but I'm getting used to it. I came here just to stay for 5 weeks and I wanted to come back to stay for more time - like 6 months. I told this to my father and we're going to make some plans so I can come to Bournemouth and study again at the same school - Anglo-Continental. I would also like to stay with the same host family when I return because I really like my host mother, my host house and everything. I'll use my English to do my Master's degree in England and I will also use it to find a job." Debora, Brazil


"My experience at Anglo-Continental is really good and I have met lots of good friends from all over the world. Bournemouth is a nice place to live. It’s quite calm but there are some good clubs and places to play football like the Littledown Leisure Centre. There are so many parks all over and the town is full of trees. There are good restaurants all over Bournemouth and lots of good pubs." Jose, Mexico


"Thank you for the education and English lessons, all your teachers are fantastic. Bournemouth is a beautiful and magnificent city. I really miss the friends I made from all over the world: France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Hungary, Brazil, Spain, Japan and more. Thank you to my host family. Anglo-Continental you are the best school ever!" Eniko, Argentina


"Jon and Rachel were simply fantastic, their teaching methodologies are both professional and practical. The content and delivery of the course stayed true to its purpose. Both the materials and the timetable were prepared with the learners need in mind. The UK is fantastic and Bournemouth is full of good people." Abiodun, Nigeria


"The Executive Centre is very good. Quiet atmosphere, tea-making possible, biscuits, fruit and lunch together on Fridays. A good chance to get to know other Executive students. I appreciated very much the filming of my presentation which was given to me on CD Rom." Birgit, Germany


"I'm a proud former student of Anglo-Continental; in fact I finished both my General English and Aviation English courses in March. Yesterday I signed a contract with Alitalia, after passing a selection that started in December. There were more than 1200 candidates at the beginning of this contest called "Cadet Pilot Alitalia", and eventually just 40 people have been selected to commence the pilot training, which will be placed both in the UAE and Italy. I want to thank you because if I reached this achievement it's also because of your teaching, in particular with my Aviation course: the ICAO test that I took right before going home definitely helped me a lot in my interviews. I had a great time at Anglo and Bournemouth, as well as receiving a professional and quality service. " Davide, Italy


"Hello everyone I’m Masa. I decided to study at Anglo-Continental because my Japanese agency had recommended me and the impression was good for me. Actually, just before coming to Bournemouth, I was studying English for 5 months in Canada. I have been studying BEC, FCE and TOEFL here. These courses are useful for me and also teachers are very friendly and kind, so I really enjoy studying thanks to them. You can have a wonderful time and get success here, so come to Anglo-Continental!" Masanori, Japan