Club 50+

Course Content, Dates and Fees

Why should you join our Club 50+ programme?

If you are fifty or over, this programme offers you the ideal opportunity to visit England for a stimulating and productive holiday:

Club 50+ Programme Features

  • Enjoyable English language tuition
  • Relaxed conversation and discussion of current affairs and British life, customs and culture
  • From Elementary to Upper Intermediate level
  • Special excursions and leisure activities
  • Free access to the multi-media learning centre

Your classes

  • You will study in a class where the minimum age is fifty, providing there are sufficient students at your level attending the course. In periods where we have lower student numbers, you will be taught in our General English Programme G-1.20.
  • The classroom approach is to create an informal atmosphere for purposeful learning, conducted at a pace suitable for those who may not have been in a classroom for many years.
  • Our friendly and approachable teachers will make the classes interesting and enjoyable and will use modern teaching methods and materials to build your confidence in speaking English.
  • Group activities will be arranged to improve your comprehension and communication skills, such as guided and free conversation practice, role play and discussion of aspects of British and international life, customs and culture.
  • Learn in an international environment and make friends with people from many other countries.

Excursions and leisure activities 

Outside the classroom, you will have the benefit of guided excursions to places of historical and cultural interest and of carefully arranged leisure activities. You will also have time for sightseeing and shopping on your own or with your new friends from the school.

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