English for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers Course – 30 lessons per week


"I'm a proud former student of Anglo-Continental; in fact I finished both my General English and Aviation English courses in March. Yesterday I signed a contract with Alitalia, after passing a selection that started in December. There were more than 1200 candidates at the beginning of this contest called "Cadet Pilot Alitalia", and eventually just 40 people have been selected to commence the pilot training, which will be placed both in the UAE and Italy. I want to thank you because if I reached this achievement it's also because of your teaching, in particular with my Aviation course: the ICAO test that I took right before going home definitely helped me a lot in my interviews. I had a great time at Anglo and Bournemouth, as well as receiving a professional and quality service. " Davide, Italy

Course number: G-1.30A
Minimum entry levels
(Prior to enrolment, trainees
may be required to undertake an oral assessment):
ICAO Level 3 (high level) and above
Lessons per week (45 minutes):30
20 lessons
of General English
10 lessons
of Aviation English
Homework (General English and Aviation English):Yes
Class Size - General English:Average 10 (max. 15)
Class Size - Aviation English:Maximum 8
Minimum Age:18
Courses Duration (weeks):2-8
Final Test:TEAP at extra cost


  • ICAO Level 3, Pre-Operational, covers a wide range of ability in terms of language competence. The Anglo-Continental levels of English included (Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate) refer to a trainee’s overall language competence.
  • Any trainee whose English is found to be below the level specified for the course, will automatically be transferred to a General Intensive Course (Course G-1.30). The sponsors will be informed immediately in order that a revised study plan may be agreed.
  • Trainees at ICAO Level 2 should contact us for course details.

Our teachers work closely with the Aviation Training Coordinator and the Academic Head in the monitoring of each individual’s progress.

Detailed reports are normally submitted to the trainees’ sponsors or employers at the end of the course – or earlier if a trainee’s performance gives cause for concern.   In longer programmes (18 weeks or more) interim progress reports may be provided at intervals agreed with the Sponsor.

If it can be arranged, training in an English-speaking country makes learning faster, more enjoyable and more effective.   Listening and speaking practice can continue round the clock, and learning something of the culture that lies behind the language greatly helps. Anglo-Continental’s comprehensive programme of excursions, sports and leisure activities adds another dimension to the trainees’ courses, and films, lectures and other educational activities still further increase the speed and breadth of learning.