Vacation Course (June, July and August)

Course number: V-2.20
Age Group:16-17 years
Courses are held between:10 June - 17 August 2024
Course Duration: 2-10 weeks
Lessons per week (45 minutes):20
Language Levels for EntryBeginner* to Advanced
Class SizeAverage 13 (Max. 15)
Full Day Excursion1 per week
Half Day Excursion1 per week
Sport and Leisure activities: Social activity programme Monday - Friday
Arrival and departure transfersAvailable at extra cost
Sample Timetables:V-2.20 Week 1
V-2.20 Week 2
V-2.20 Week 3
V-2.20 Week 4
V-2.20 Week 5
V-2.20 Week 6
V-2.20 Week 7
V-2.20 Week 8
V-2.20 Week 9
V-2.20 Week 10