Academic Study Programme – 30 Lessons Per Week

Course number: A-1.30
Lessons per week (45 minutes): 30
Language ExtensionYes
Special Study OptionsYes
Examination Practice OptionsYes
IELTS Examination Preparation OptionYes
Language Levels for EntryBeginner* to Advanced
Class SizeAverage 10 (max. 15)
Minimum Age: 16
Course Duration: 24-60 weeks
Multimedia Learning Centre
With Free Internet Access:
Homework and Additional Study: Yes
Sport and Leisure activities: View details
Sample Timetables: A-1.30 Timetable
Additional Conditions:View Conditions for Long Term Courses


We offer the option to intensively develop your English language with 25 lessons per week. 5 of these being dedicated to extending and developing your vocabulary, listening and oral fluency. Plus: 5 lessons per week, focusing on your chosen Specialised Study Option. These are introduced progressively, as you reach the appropriate levels. Start dates and durations vary.

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Examination Courses

Subject to availability.


We offer the option to have 20 lessons per week of structured English language tuition and practice. Plus: 10 lessons per week of Business or Specialised Subjects. Start dates vary. Available from intermediate level. This course involves a level of homework to write assignments, prepare for lessons and revise. We recommend that you dedicate some time to additional study in the Multi-Media Learning Centre.

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Business or Specialised Courses

Subject to availability. Minimum age 18.

30 lessons per week of Intensive Examination Preparation, available from Intermediate level.

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IELTS Prep Courses FCE Prep Courses