Anglo-Continental’s New Media and Photography Intern – Franka Homp

Franka Homp is Anglo-Continental’s new Media and Photography Intern with the Marketing Department.

Hello. My name is Franka Homp and I am doing an Internship at Anglo-Continental, where I will be working with the Marketing Department. I am the new Media and Photography Intern.

I have come to Bournemouth from Germany where I study design, with focus on photography. My design school offered students the chance to receive valuable experience as a media and photography intern in Bournemouth, England. I decided to take this great opportunity to improve my English and photography skills.

For the first week of my internship in England, I joined a language school to improve my English in preparation for my internship. After a week of lessons with native English speaking teachers, I started my internship with Anglo-Continental.

“What I really love about Bournemouth is that you can make so many new friends.”

At first, I was a bit scared as this was my first stay in an English speaking country. However, I found that Bournemouth is a very safe and friendly place, which made me feel comfortable. I found that the Bournemouth has a great atmosphere for students. The beaches and gardens are naturally beautiful and easy to access. They are also great places to relax and enjoy time with friends.

What I really love about Bournemouth is that you can make so many new friends. There are students in Bournemouth from many different countries and cultures. My new friends speak different languages from all over the world, but we all speak to each other in English. As a media and photography intern, I get the opportunity to speak English with native and non-native speakers every day.

The English language is a great way to connect with people and I find Bournemouth to be the perfect place to learn it. I believe that English is very important for anyone who is looking to have an international career because you can talk to people from many different countries. I am thankful to take the first international steps of my career here in England.

In my short time here in Bournemouth, I have learned a lot about the English people and their culture. I have also made many new friends and my English has improved in a very short time. I look forward to learning more during the rest of my time here as the Media and Photography Intern at Anglo-Continental, and I am sure I will never forget it.



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