Our New Marketing Administrator from Russia – Alexandra

Alexandra Rakova joins Anglo-Continental as our new Russian-speaking Marketing Administrator.

My name is Alexandra Rakova. However, I prefer to be called by my short name – Alya. I am originally from Moscow, Russia. I consider my new role as Marketing Administrator for Anglo-Continental as my first proper job in the UK.

The first time I visited Bournemouth was in 2010, as a language student. I visited the town on an English language course, while I was studying law in Moscow. I fell in love with Bournemouth and decided to one day return to further my studies. After graduating from university in Moscow, I worked as an immigration lawyer for around 2 years. My work in immigration provided me with valuable experience for my future roles. 

I decided to further my studies and remembered my fantastic experience in Bournemouth. I chose to study a Master’s Degree at Bournemouth University, which gave me the opportunity to return to the English seaside town that I love. Moving to Bournemouth was a little scary for me as England still seemed foreign to me. However, I quickly remembered how wonderful Bournemouth is as a place.  After  years of studies, I graduated with a MSc in International Management.

I returned to Moscow and got a job as Customer Marketing Manager for a well-known social media company based in the city. The experience helped me to expand my knowledge in marketing, business communication and support services.

“My previous work involved working with many different cultures and people, an aspect of my work I have always loved.”


In 2017, I got married and moved back to Bournemouth. I found that when I returned, the local people were very welcoming to me. Both my husband and I worked in education which made Bournemouth a good place to live. Bournemouth has two world-class universities and a very big international education sector. My husband decided to work as an education consultant and I worked in marketing administration within the English language sector.

My previous roles involved working with many different cultures and people, an aspect of my work I have always loved. For this reason, I am very happy to have become a member of Anglo-Continental’s marketing team. Every day, I get the opportunity to help, support and inform international students and business partners. I love to explain why I believe Bournemouth is the best option for studying the English Language. Bournemouth’s friendly and welcoming people, the international atmosphere, the traditional English culture and the many festivals are just some examples I give as to why Bournemouth is the ideal location.

I look forward to welcoming students from around the world to the famous 7 miles of Bournemouth’s sandy beaches. I am happy to share my experience of being an international student and support Russian and Russian speaking students. Being part of Anglo-Continental, I look forward to being helpful and supportive to students who choose to study at Anglo-Continental in Bournemouth.



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