Francesca Joins Us as New Marketing Intern

Francesca Montanesi recently joined Anglo-Continental as a Marketing Intern.

She joins Anglo-Continental for 2 months, as a marketing intern. Here is what she has to say about her time with us.


My name is Francesca Montanesi. I have always been fond of discovering new places.  Bournemouth is one of my favourite places so far. I had the chance to work in an environment that has allowed me to do a new and exciting internship with Anglo-Continental. Being an intern has, so far, encouraged me to grow as a person. Every person does well in a job when they are passionate about it. For me, the internship I have at Anglo-Continental is one of these situations.

I am currently studying to become an interpreter or translator, and I feel that there is no better way to learn a language than living among native speakers. Not only do you get to understand their language, but you also learn more about their culture. It is very interesting to observe daily life in England. The reason I chose to take an internship in England was to improve my English, through immersion in the language. I would have to speak English in my daily life. I also felt that this would be a good challenge for my English language skills.

Being an intern at Anglo-Continental, I have realised that there are many paths that I can follow with my career. Theses paths may vary slightly from what I am currently studying. However, they may give me more satisfaction in my work. For me personally, this internship has helped me to clarify my career goals.

“Working at Anglo-Continental, I feel I have learnt the secret to its success – the hard-working, friendly and caring staff that I have come to admire and love.”

Bournemouth itself has been a charming discovery. I find it the ideal place to live. The urban area is not too big or too small. It is typically English, and has a lively and vibrant international community. There is always something to do, or some cosy tea house or café to visit if the weather is rainy. To me, Bournemouth feels more like home every day. The town is filled with amazing, friendly people which matters a lot.

Working at Anglo-Continental, I feel I have learnt the secret to its success – the hard-working, friendly and caring staff that I have come to admire and love.

When I go back to Italy at the end of this internship, I will not be the same person who left two months ago …and not just because I now drink tea with milk or that eating an English breakfast doesn’t shock me anymore. It is because of the amazing experiences and life lessons this internship has taught me.

Freya Stark once wrote,

“to awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world”

, but I would say, that to awaken in a town that was once strange, and in some mysterious ways has become a home, is one of the “pleasantest sensations” in the world. 




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