Belgian Intern Joins Marketing Team

Morgane, from Belgium,  joins our marketing team for 14 weeks as an Anglo-Continental Intern.

My name is Morgane Lambert and I am the new Anglo-Continental Intern for the Marketing Department.  I am 20 years old and I am from a small village in Belgium. I attend university in the nearby city of Tournai, where I am studying a bachelor’s degree.  Being very attached to my roots, I have worked and studied in Belgium for most of my life. However, I decided to do my work internship abroad. I wanted to explore a different culture and work environment to my home country.  This is why I decided to take an internship abroad with Erasmus. The goal of my Erasmus placement is to improve my English through total immersion in an English-speaking country.

I chose the beautiful coastal town of Bournemouth for my internship.  To me, it looked like a traditional British seaside town with plenty to do. After arriving in Bournemouth, I found that this was true. There are many cafes, restaurants, shops and one of top beaches in the world.


“I am currently doing my internship at the famous Anglo-Continental School of English.  I am an intern in the marketing department for a period of 14-week.” 


Arriving in England on my own, I thought it might be difficult to meet new people. However, because Anglo-Continental is a very large language school, I was able to a make a new group of friends quickly. On Friday evenings, we go out together in the centre of Bournemouth.  At Anglo-Continental, it is easy to social with other students, as well as your fellow employees. All of the students are here for the same reasons –  to learn English, discover new things and meet new people.

At Anglo-Continental, the focus of my work is on the development and modification of the school’s website, with the help of my work colleagues.  I chose this internship because last year’s Belgian intern, Manon, is one of my friends.  She told me so many good things about her experience in England that I took the initiative to do it too.  As a future Management Assistant, it is important to be able to speak English fluently.  I already have a good knowledge of Dutch, which is why I took the initiative to do my internship in England.


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