10 Ways to Learn English Outside of the Classroom

  1. Read books in English. Choose books you have already read in your native language or those that have been made into films which you have seen.  This will make it easier for you to understand the plot and the content.
  2. When you listen to songs in English, pay attention to the lyrics.  Look up the lyrics on the internet to better understand the words.
  3. Choose an English language magazine, a blog, or a newspaper that interests you and read it frequently.
  4. Watch English language movies on DVD either with subtitles in English or without any subtitles.
  5. Attend plays or other events (talks, presentations) in English.
  6. Make friends with native speakers and ask them to help you practice.
  7. Practise your pronunciation by reading out loud.  It is a good idea to read together with a native English speaker so that they can correct you.
  8. Write down new words you learn in a special notebook. Remember to review them on a regular basis.
  9. Listen to other people, you might not understand everything, but you might learn some new phrases and get real listening practice from native speakers.
  10. Use English learning apps on your mobile phone or tablet.  This can be a fun, interactive way of learning a new language.