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With over 73 years’ experience, Anglo-Continental offers a variety of English language courses to improve your English language skills.  Our English language courses are taught by CELTA qualified teachers who have experience in the EFL industry.

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Belgian Intern Joins Marketing Team

Morgane, from Belgium,  joins our marketing team for 14 weeks as an Anglo-Continental Intern.

My name is Morgane Lambert and I am the new Anglo-Continental Intern for the Marketing Department.  I am 20 years old and I am from a small village in Belgium. I attend university in the nearby city of Tournai, where I am studying a bachelor’s degree.  Being very attached to my roots, I have worked and studied in Belgium for most of my life. However, I decided to do my work internship abroad. I wanted to explore a different culture and work environment to my home country.  This is why I decided to take an internship abroad with Erasmus. The goal of my Erasmus placement is to improve my English through total immersion in an English-speaking country.

I chose the beautiful coastal town of Bournemouth for my internship.  To me, it looked like a traditional British seaside town with plenty to do. After arriving in Bournemouth, I found that this was true. There are many cafes, restaurants, shops and one of top beaches in the world.


“I am currently doing my internship at the famous Anglo-Continental School of English.  I am an intern in the marketing department for a period of 14-week.” 


Arriving in England on my own, I thought it might be difficult to meet new people. However, because Anglo-Continental is a very large language school, I was able to a make a new group of friends quickly. On Friday evenings, we go out together in the centre of Bournemouth.  At Anglo-Continental, it is easy to social with other students, as well as your fellow employees. All of the students are here for the same reasons –  to learn English, discover new things and meet new people.

At Anglo-Continental, the focus of my work is on the development and modification of the school’s website, with the help of my work colleagues.  I chose this internship because last year’s Belgian intern, Manon, is one of my friends.  She told me so many good things about her experience in England that I took the initiative to do it too.  As a future Management Assistant, it is important to be able to speak English fluently.  I already have a good knowledge of Dutch, which is why I took the initiative to do my internship in England.


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70 years of excellence in English language teaching, training and testing

Anglo-Continental will be celebrating an important anniversary in 2020: 70 years since the school opened its doors to welcome the first students on 7th August, 1950.

History of Anglo-Continental Educational Group
Fritz Schillig travelled from his native Switzerland to open Anglo-Continental with SFR 80 borrowed from his father, a sum soon repaid.  The school was originally called Anglo-Swiss and located in three rooms above a restaurant in Christchurch, with chairs, tables and a blackboard borrowed from a local school.

The rapid success of the school and the demand for good English language tuition meant that expansion was rapid and new premises had to be found.  The school moved to its present premises in Wimborne Road, Bournemouth in 1955.  With students enrolling from all over continental Europe, the name of the school was changed to Anglo-Continental to reflect the increasing population of students from all around the globe.  Today, Anglo-Continental is one of the largest English language schools in the UK and has taught English to over 400,000 students from 120 different countries.  The school continues to prosper and remains very much a family affair under the careful management of Fritz Schillig’s son, Guido Schillig.

Statement from the Board of Directors:
We are honoured to continue the legacy of Fritz Schillig and take our family run school into the next decade.  The Anglo-Continental Educational Group has been running successfully for 70 years and it has been through the support of our students, staff and agents that we have been able to achieve the excellent service, teaching, training and testing for which we have become renowned.

Guido Schillig, Managing Director and Jane Gorman, Director.




English for Beginners

Anglo-Continental understands that being a beginner adult language learner can be frustrating and challenging. Our 70 years’ experience in teaching English means that we know how to support you in those important early stages of language learning. We have a dedicated team of qualified teachers who specialise in helping Beginners to make fast progress.

Our Beginners courses:

  • Give you basic language that you can use immediately in and out of the classroom.
  • Give you support with all four skills – speaking and listening based on practical language for meeting people, shopping, eating out etc., plus lots of new words that are used in everyday life. 
  • Help with reading and writing based on functional real life texts and tasks.
  • Help with literacy skills.
  • Give you a weekly tutorial to help you focus on areas for development.
  • Have an activities programme after lessons to allow you to try your new skills
  • Self-access study on our learning platform and in class technology to promote fast progress.

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Anglo-Continental’s New Media and Photography Intern – Franka Homp

Franka Homp is Anglo-Continental’s new Media and Photography Intern with the Marketing Department.

Hello. My name is Franka Homp and I am doing an Internship at Anglo-Continental, where I will be working with the Marketing Department. I am the new Media and Photography Intern.

I have come to Bournemouth from Germany where I study design, with focus on photography. My design school offered students the chance to receive valuable experience as a media and photography intern in Bournemouth, England. I decided to take this great opportunity to improve my English and photography skills.

For the first week of my internship in England, I joined a language school to improve my English in preparation for my internship. After a week of lessons with native English speaking teachers, I started my internship with Anglo-Continental.

“What I really love about Bournemouth is that you can make so many new friends.”

At first, I was a bit scared as this was my first stay in an English speaking country. However, I found that Bournemouth is a very safe and friendly place, which made me feel comfortable. I found that the Bournemouth has a great atmosphere for students. The beaches and gardens are naturally beautiful and easy to access. They are also great places to relax and enjoy time with friends.

What I really love about Bournemouth is that you can make so many new friends. There are students in Bournemouth from many different countries and cultures. My new friends speak different languages from all over the world, but we all speak to each other in English. As a media and photography intern, I get the opportunity to speak English with native and non-native speakers every day.

The English language is a great way to connect with people and I find Bournemouth to be the perfect place to learn it. I believe that English is very important for anyone who is looking to have an international career because you can talk to people from many different countries. I am thankful to take the first international steps of my career here in England.

In my short time here in Bournemouth, I have learned a lot about the English people and their culture. I have also made many new friends and my English has improved in a very short time. I look forward to learning more during the rest of my time here as the Media and Photography Intern at Anglo-Continental, and I am sure I will never forget it.



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Our New Marketing Administrator from Russia – Alexandra

Alexandra Rakova joins Anglo-Continental as our new Russian-speaking Marketing Administrator.

My name is Alexandra Rakova. However, I prefer to be called by my short name – Alya. I am originally from Moscow, Russia. I consider my new role as Marketing Administrator for Anglo-Continental as my first proper job in the UK.

The first time I visited Bournemouth was in 2010, as a language student. I visited the town on an English language course, while I was studying law in Moscow. I fell in love with Bournemouth and decided to one day return to further my studies. After graduating from university in Moscow, I worked as an immigration lawyer for around 2 years. My work in immigration provided me with valuable experience for my future roles. 

I decided to further my studies and remembered my fantastic experience in Bournemouth. I chose to study a Master’s Degree at Bournemouth University, which gave me the opportunity to return to the English seaside town that I love. Moving to Bournemouth was a little scary for me as England still seemed foreign to me. However, I quickly remembered how wonderful Bournemouth is as a place.  After  years of studies, I graduated with a MSc in International Management.

I returned to Moscow and got a job as Customer Marketing Manager for a well-known social media company based in the city. The experience helped me to expand my knowledge in marketing, business communication and support services.

“My previous work involved working with many different cultures and people, an aspect of my work I have always loved.”


In 2017, I got married and moved back to Bournemouth. I found that when I returned, the local people were very welcoming to me. Both my husband and I worked in education which made Bournemouth a good place to live. Bournemouth has two world-class universities and a very big international education sector. My husband decided to work as an education consultant and I worked in marketing administration within the English language sector.

My previous roles involved working with many different cultures and people, an aspect of my work I have always loved. For this reason, I am very happy to have become a member of Anglo-Continental’s marketing team. Every day, I get the opportunity to help, support and inform international students and business partners. I love to explain why I believe Bournemouth is the best option for studying the English Language. Bournemouth’s friendly and welcoming people, the international atmosphere, the traditional English culture and the many festivals are just some examples I give as to why Bournemouth is the ideal location.

I look forward to welcoming students from around the world to the famous 7 miles of Bournemouth’s sandy beaches. I am happy to share my experience of being an international student and support Russian and Russian speaking students. Being part of Anglo-Continental, I look forward to being helpful and supportive to students who choose to study at Anglo-Continental in Bournemouth.



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Francesca Joins Us as New Marketing Intern

Francesca Montanesi recently joined Anglo-Continental as a Marketing Intern.

She joins Anglo-Continental for 2 months, as a marketing intern. Here is what she has to say about her time with us.


My name is Francesca Montanesi. I have always been fond of discovering new places.  Bournemouth is one of my favourite places so far. I had the chance to work in an environment that has allowed me to do a new and exciting internship with Anglo-Continental. Being an intern has, so far, encouraged me to grow as a person. Every person does well in a job when they are passionate about it. For me, the internship I have at Anglo-Continental is one of these situations.

I am currently studying to become an interpreter or translator, and I feel that there is no better way to learn a language than living among native speakers. Not only do you get to understand their language, but you also learn more about their culture. It is very interesting to observe daily life in England. The reason I chose to take an internship in England was to improve my English, through immersion in the language. I would have to speak English in my daily life. I also felt that this would be a good challenge for my English language skills.

Being an intern at Anglo-Continental, I have realised that there are many paths that I can follow with my career. Theses paths may vary slightly from what I am currently studying. However, they may give me more satisfaction in my work. For me personally, this internship has helped me to clarify my career goals.

“Working at Anglo-Continental, I feel I have learnt the secret to its success – the hard-working, friendly and caring staff that I have come to admire and love.”

Bournemouth itself has been a charming discovery. I find it the ideal place to live. The urban area is not too big or too small. It is typically English, and has a lively and vibrant international community. There is always something to do, or some cosy tea house or café to visit if the weather is rainy. To me, Bournemouth feels more like home every day. The town is filled with amazing, friendly people which matters a lot.

Working at Anglo-Continental, I feel I have learnt the secret to its success – the hard-working, friendly and caring staff that I have come to admire and love.

When I go back to Italy at the end of this internship, I will not be the same person who left two months ago …and not just because I now drink tea with milk or that eating an English breakfast doesn’t shock me anymore. It is because of the amazing experiences and life lessons this internship has taught me.

Freya Stark once wrote,

“to awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world”

, but I would say, that to awaken in a town that was once strange, and in some mysterious ways has become a home, is one of the “pleasantest sensations” in the world. 




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New ‘English for Success’ Programme


These take place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons on our 30-hour weekly General English Programme.

The English for Success Programme consists of two skills areas. Students can choose to develop speaking and listening skills or writing and reading skills.

All classes focus on language production and are very practical in nature. Support is provided with vocabulary and functional language in all classes to help students improve their language production.

The course is flexible; students can move from Speaking for Success to Writing for Success, and vice-versa, depending on their needs.


Both courses consist of three levels; Level 1 (Elementary to mid-Pre-Intermediate), Level 2 (Mid-Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate), and Level 3 (Upper-Intermediate and above).

Each course lasts nine weeks. The majority of students move up a level at the end of the nine-week programme.

Students that study with us for less than nine weeks will be placed in the appropriate level for the duration of their course.


The courses run on a 9-week cycle, and Learners present for the full 9 weeks can move to the next level. Alternatively, learners who have passed the end-of-level test in their morning class can move up to the next level in their afternoon class. This will depend on the end of level test taken.

For example, a learner who has passed his/her Intermediate end of the level test in the morning class and is studying in level 2 in the afternoon class, can move up to level 3 in the afternoon programme.

The afternoon programme has split levels, which includes mid-level progress tests.

For example, a learner who has passed their mid-level progress test at Pre-Intermediate and is studying at level 1 in the afternoon programme, can move up to level 2.

Learners can also switch between afternoon classes. However, this depends on whether they feel their initial choice is not right for them.

For example, switching from Writing for Success to Speaking for Success. 

Also, learners move up or down a level according to the teacher’s classroom assessment.

For example, some learners may be in Pre-Intermediate in the morning class. Those students will be put into Writing for Success Level 2. If their reading and writing skills are lower, the student will be moved to the Writing for Success level 1, which suits their ability in this skills area.

Anglo-Continental’s new English for Success programme aims to help students improve their English writing, speaking and literacy through intensive English practice and newly implemented teaching techniques.

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Anglo-Continental welcomes Hugo Tweedie

Hugo Tweedie is Anglo-Continental’s new Marketing Administrator.

Hugo will be responsible for the Turkish market, and assisting our Business Development Coordinator for the Middle East.

My name is Hugo and I am responsible for the Turkish Market.  I will also be assisting Mr William Delmas-Black, Professional Training and Business Development Coordinator, who is responsible for overseeing the Middle East markets.

I first fell in love with the need to travel and explore other countries when I travelled to the Far East for 6 weeks in the summer over 3 years ago and have never looked back since. Several countries and many mini trips later and my huge interest for visiting other countries, learning about their cultures and enjoying their food, has only strengthened!

There is something truly rewarding about speaking with people from different nationalities, sharing stories and learning about each other’s languages and ways of life, I believe every nation has a lot to learn from each other.

“My new role at Anglo Continental combines my love for talking, learning about other countries and helping others…”

Coming from a background in Hospitality and Sales, communicating with and helping people from all different walks of life is something I have always enjoyed and found rewarding. My new role at Anglo Continental combines my love for talking, learning about other countries and helping others, it could not be more appropriate.

When I am not working you will probably find me playing or watching football. Liverpool FC is my team but AFC Bournemouth is a close second.  I try to watch games at AFC Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium when I can. I absolutely love Bournemouth, with many sandy beaches, a big selection of shops and a lively collection of cafes and restaurants.  There is something for everyone and I am confident that Bournemouth as a town will contribute to making the student-experience a more enjoyable one.

I look forward to assisting students and agents alike and am excited to develop new relationships with different individuals from all corners of the globe. I cannot wait to experience the students’ progression of the English language first-hand and will be glad to have been a part of it.


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William joins Anglo-Continental’s Marketing Team

Anglo-Continental welcomes William Delmas-Black,  professional training and business development coordinator.

My name is William, and I am responsible for developing the Middle-East markets and promoting professional training courses. I was born and raised in Toulouse in the south of France. I have a French father and an English mother and I have grown up with both cultures. My family life has helped me to be very open to different cultures and peoples.

Three years ago, I moved to the UK and recently moved to Bournemouth from Coventry. Bournemouth have has everything a person could want. The town has a beautiful coastline and long sandy beaches, several large shopping and entertainment districts, excellent local and international restaurants and much more to offer. I think that Bournemouth is the ideal place for English learners, as students will never be bored. Bournemouth is a place where you can make lifelong memories.

Professionally, I have experience working in sales, as well as operations and managing accounts. These jobs have included working for large groups of companies across France and the UK. My ability to speak French and English has been a great help to me professionally. I have also recently learnt Spanish and I look forward to using my newly acquired language in the workplace.


“We all know how important English is in our modern world. Whether we use it for educational, professional, or personal reasons.”


I am very excited about my new position at Anglo-Continental. I am eager to get started and go out into the field to meet with clients, agents and students. My main responsibility will be to oversee the Middle-East markets for Anglo-Continental.

In my new role, I will promote general and professional training courses such as English for Aviation, Maritime English, Medical English and English for Business. I look forward to meeting many new people in my new role as I am a very sociable person and I will have the opportunity to meet with agents, clients and companies.

We all know how important English is in our modern world. Whether we use it for educational, professional, or personal reasons. I have been lucky enough to speak English since a very young age. However, this is not the case for everyone.

I believe that Anglo-Continental will help English language students achieve their goals in learning English in a productive and enjoyable way. The school is a quality, accredited establishment with over 60 years of experience. Anglo-Continental is an organisation that I look forward to telling others about.





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