Meet Lauren – Visas and Projects Officer

Anglo-Continental welcomes Lauren Cooper as our Project Supervisor and Visa Compliance Officer.

My name is Lauren Cooper, and I am the new Projects Supervisor and Visa Compliance Officer at Anglo-Continental.

I will be responsible for coordinating projects and checking that visas and passports meet UK Visas and Immigration requirements.  I will also be involved in Anglo-Continental Student Services, providing help and advice to our students.  This position is a great opportunity for me to grow into these different roles.

In my personal life, I have been lucky enough to travel to many countries. I have also spent some time living abroad.  I have worked in Spain and I studied for a time in Italy. In my opinion, Bournemouth is the best place to live and study in England.  I have grown up and lived near Bournemouth for most of my life.  There are many beautiful places to see in the local area. Bournemouth Beach is a sandy 10km long beach with plenty of activities for everyone. In the Lower Gardens you can find students from all over the world, relaxing or playing games.  BH2 and Castlepoint are great centres for shopping, eating out or watching movies.

“I believe it gave me a great deal of understanding in working with international students.”

Professionally, I have previously worked at other English language schools, as an Activities Coordinator.  I spent many evenings and weekends taking students on a variety of trips and activities.  I enjoyed this role, and I believe it gave me a great deal of understanding in working with international students.

My experience in working with international students and coordinating projects will help me greatly in this role. I have personal experience of the challenges a student will find away from their home country.  Through what I have learnt from my time as a student in another country, I look forward to helping international students in England.

At Anglo-Continental, I look forward to growing in my abilities. I am certain that I will be able to assist both the students and the school reach new heights.



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