A Perfect Match Made at Anglo-Continental in 1966

Daniela (from Italy) and Jürg (from Switzerland) first met in the Student Centre at Anglo-Continental in 1966.  They fell in love and were soon married after their course.  This month they returned to Anglo-Continental to reminisce about the year they spent together at Anglo-Continental in Bournemouth.

On a tour of the school, Daniela and Jürg were surprised by how much the school and Bournemouth had changed.  The town has grown tremendously and the school has evolved into a modern teaching environment of the 21st century.  They were especially impressed with the Student Centre, where they first met, which has recently been modernised with state of the art equipment.

Daniela explained how she came to Anglo-Continental to study for one year to achieve her proficiency certificate.  Jürg also studied for a year but he enjoyed socialising and learned at a much more leisurely pace!  Daniela remembered that there were students from all around the world at the school – Asian, Arabic as well as European students (as is the case today!).  The teachers were easy to talk to and made the students feel that they could talk to them about anything.

Daniela used to love ballroom dancing.  During her stay Anglo-Continental organised a dance event at the Pavilion ballroom and the Mayor of Bournemouth attended the event!

Daniela and Jürg now live in Avignon, France with their two daughters, Réjane and Regina.