Guido Schillig at ICEF Berlin

It is the end of October, the leaves are on the ground and an autumnal chill in the air. There is a buzz around Berlin as agents and educational providers meet at ICEF. Everyone is smiling and as there is a strong feeling of optimism as we all head into 2018. The reality though is that there continues to be some fundamental challenges to the industry – exchange rates, visa issues, Trumpism, inter-government disputes to name a few.

How will we overcome these things? To be honest we, as individuals, cannot overcome them but we hold on to hope and somehow we get through them. The growing appetite for students to obtain an international education makes the industry have this hope and therefore makes us incredibly resilient.

Our optimism is misplaced. In the short-term we have to steer our way skilfully through these challenges. Our hope is in the long-term outlook for international education. Our industry needs to embrace the growth of international education, continually improve standards and not be brought to its knees by the challenges that repeatedly rock our sector.

It is not the noise, the crowds, the long days but the deep rooted belief in the future of International education that makes us return each year to ICEF Berlin.


Guido Schillig, Managing Director, Anglo-Continental

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