Middle East Memories. Farewell to Matt Scott.

Matt Scott’s experience of working at Anglo-Continental.


After a fantastic 3 years of working for Anglo-Continental I will be leaving my role as Business Development Coordinator for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. The opportunities and experiences have been phenomenal. From going to watch the opera at Oman’s Royal Opera Theatre to meeting with Senior Government Officials in Qatari offices which boast 360 degree views of Doha. The last 3 years have really been a whirlwind adventure with no two days ever being the same.

“I have met friends for life; agents, representatives and students that I will not forget and will hopefully always stay in touch with.”

The English Language industry is fascinating. It is one I recommend everybody try to learn or at least understand. The past few years have seen many difficulties that we as a school have had to face head on. The resilience of those in the industry often surprises me. I am confident that the future will be bright for English Language Training within the UK.

“Anglo-Continental is a great school and environment for one to learn English.”

What has made the job so much easier over the years is having 100% faith in the product; it is easy to promote something you actually believe in. Nothing has made me happier than seeing a student actually make clear progress with their language development. I recently met with an ex-student on a trip to Oman who has been promoted twice since his return to the Sultanate; he claims that English has been the key to this success.

“The countries I have had the pleasure of visiting in my role have been incredible and I will definitely be heading back in the future.”

The hospitality of the people has never been outdone. From having a few drinks down the beach in Angola, to enjoying capsa with my Saudi Arabian brothers. I will miss the job I have held at the company. I would like to thank Anglo-Continental for developing me into the working professional that I am today. My experiences at this company will definitely shape my future.



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