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Great news for our sector. International Education Forum – Sector Report

Autumn means that the sector is now furiously travelling around the world promoting its programmes and institutions, as well as extolling the virtues of Bournemouth and Poole.  Since the referendum on Brexit, the value of Sterling has dropped, so economically our products’ programmes are once again competitively priced against similar offerings in countries such as America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

We must never forget that international education is a buyer’s market.  So the rhetoric of a country can have a profound positive or negative effect on a potential student’s choice of where he/she studies.  The negative messaging from the new Trump administration has had significantly more of a negative impact on students wishing to study in the USA than we realise.  Not so long ago the United Kingdom also broadcast a message that was interpreted as being ‘unwelcoming’ to overseas students.

After years of lobbying the government, the sector is pleased to read recent reports in the Times Higher Education and the Financial Times that the Home Secretary is appearing to adopt the school of thought that international students need to be removed from the net migration figures.

Read The Times Higher Education article here.

Read The Financial Times article here.

The former Home Secretary still needs to be persuaded on this issue, so we will continue to lobby government.




Guido Schillig’s LinkedIn article can be found here.